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SC(B)H15 Three Column Amorphous

  • General

    SCBH15 series amorphous alloy Dry-Type transformer has advanced performance in following points: low no-load loss, fire resistance and self-extinguishing, moisture resistance and maintenance-free. This series product can be applied in any place where the common dry-type transformer worked, such as airport, bus station, urban subway, high-rise construction and power station. And SCBH15 transformer can especially appropriate to be used in the energy-shortage and combustible, explosive places.

    Implementation of the standards

    GB 1094.11-2007 GB 1094-1996 GB/T22072-2008 GT/T17211-1998
    JB/T 10088-2004 GB 4208-1993 IEC72

    Models and meaning

    Main technical parameters

    1.Phase number: tree-phase
    2.Voltage level: Primary side voltage:10kV Secondary side voltage: 0.4kV
    3.Frequency: 50Hz
    4.Connection symbol : Dyn11、Yyn0 or according to the specific requirements
    5.Cooling method: self cooling or forced air cooling
    6.Operating environment: altitude≤ 1000m, max relative humidity 100%, ambient temperature should below 40℃
    7.Insulation endurance class: F
    8.Winding temperature rise: 100K