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SCB10 Dry Type T ransformer

  • Self cooling and forced air cooling

    1.Dry type transformer has two cooling modes, that is natural air cooling (AN) and forced air cooling (AF).
    2.When the highest ambient temperature is +40℃, if it is natural air cooling (AN), the transformer can output 100% of rated capacity continuously.
    3.When the highest ambient temperature is +40℃, if it is forced air cooling(AF), the output capacity of transformer can be up for 40%-50% in short time for gap overload

    Models and meaning

    Protective housing

    1.Classification of housing protection grade is determined according to GB4280.
    2.Normally dry type transformer is not equipped with housing protection, i.e. IP00. But we will mount housing of IP20 and IP23 under customer's requirement.
    3.IP20 housing can prevent substance whose diameter is longer than 12mm coming to it, works as safety shield for the live part. There are punched holes on the top and bottom of housing for air circulation.
    4.IP23 housing can prevent water that is 60° to the vertical line dropping into it, this kind of housing has ventilation shutter on its front and back wall plate (when applies IP23 housing, cooling ability of transformer will fall, and its capacity will fall for 5%).
    5.Housing material has steel plate, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. If the housing is made of steel plate, it will be coated with the color that customer required.
    6.There are doors on front and back wall plates, it is very convenient for users to maintain. And a hole is prepared at cable entrance, used to inlet cable.

    External connecting mode

    1.Coil out mode of high voltage terminal:
    a.Coil out from the top is standard
    b.Coil out from the bottom is acceptable
    2.Coil out mode of low voltage terminal:
    a.Coil out from the top is standard
    b.Coil out from the bottom is acceptable
    c.Coil out from the horizontal side is acceptable

    Implementation of the standards

    Dry type transformer of "9" and "10" character types that accord with standards like GB6450, IEC726, DIN42523 and GB/T10228-2008.

    Models and meaning

    Transformer number is compiled according to JB/T3837-1996 Type Designation System for T ransformers that issued by national electromechanical department

  • Performance parameter

    Note: usually the transformer of≤200kVA can be without fan

    Production range

  • Note: The outline dimensions and track gauge dimensions covered in the catalog are only for reference. Welcome to contact us for accurate dimensions

    Standard housing size list of IP20-IP23 of 10kV grade distribution transformer of 315~2500kV A

    Note: standard size of the housing is the smallest, it can be enlarged according to customer's requirement