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SC(B)H Series Epoxy Resin Wrapped Coil and

  • Product advantages

    1.Super low consumption, energy economized, high power rate
    2.Amorphous Alloyed material can tremendously reduce the power consumption and loss. The motor with this material will discharge much less SO、 CO gases, which to a large extent decelerates the pollution and greenhouse effect.
    3.Operating temperature stays low , insulation aging slow, transformer service life 's long
    4.Wonderful overload capability, and excellent mechanical strength
    5.Good Harmonic-bearing capability. When the amorphous core cross through the high-frequency flux, the motor can still work in a low core loss and low excitation current way. So that the core saturation problem can be avoided.
    6.Benefit on investment returns quickly.

    Operating conditions

    1.Phase number: tree-phase
    2.Voltage level: Primary side voltage:10kV Secondary side voltage: 0.4kV
    3.Frequency: 50Hz
    4.Connection symbol : Dyn11、Yyn0 or according to the specific requirements
    5.Cooling method: self cooling or forced air cooling
    6.Operating environment: altitude≤ 1000m, max relative humidity 100%, ambient temperature should below 40℃
    7.Insulation endurance class: F
    8.Winding temperature rise: 100K

    Implementation of the standards

    GB 1094.11-2007 GB 1094-1996 GB/T22072-2008 GT/T17211-1998
    JB/T 10088-2004 GB 4208-1993 IEC726

    Models and meaning

  • SC(B)H15-30~2500/10 type amorphous alloy cast resin dry-type power transformer

    Products characteristics comparison

  • Compare the material amorphous alloy and directivity silicon steel sheet on magnetizing curve

    The comparison between amorphous alloy and di rect i vi t y si l i con st eel sheet on magnetization characteristic. The area sealed by the curves stands for the lost energy by heat in the magnetic field cycle of magnetic material. It can be obviously found that the areas of amorphous alloy and silicon steel sheet are quite different. And according to the practical measuring data, the area difference between the two has reach 70%~80%. This data indicates that if we replace the silicon steel sheet material of the transformer by the amorphous alloy, the noload power loss can be saved to 70%~80%.