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CJ19C Changeover Capacitor AC Contactor

  • General

    CJ19C series AC Contactor is suitable for using in the circuits the rated voltage up to 3800V AC 50Hz or 60Hz.CJ19C is used to combine with low voltage reactive power compensators and or cut off low voltage shunt capacitor . CJ19C series AC Contactor has restraining device to effectively decrease impact caused by inrush transient current when switch on or over voltage when switch off .

    Type designation

    A.Acquiesce in 3 pairs of N/O main auxiliary contacts and 3 pairs of N/O precharge auxiliary contacts
    B.CJX2 with F4's derivate code;
    C.CJX2 with F4 and electromagnet's derivate code
  • Type designation

  • Outline and installation dimensions